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In the first three parts of our series on using social media to create and grow your brand, you learned which social media outlets to start with, how to come up with relevant content with minimal time and effort, and how to leverage influencers to increase your own visibility. Here, in our final installment, we’ll discuss using social campaigns to promote real estate branded content.

Promoting real estate branded content is different from promoting products and services, though they’re both intended to have the same long-term result. Branded content is designed to promote the notion that you are the go-to real estate professional in your area. Of course, you don’t want to create content that actually says you’re the best – that would be counter-productive. That you’re the best is implied through the quality and relevance of your content. But, unless people are exposed to that content, it will do you little good.

One way to gain that exposure is through organic sharing – where people share social media content with their friends, and their friends do the same, and so on. A huge benefit of organic reach is its cost, or lack thereof. But, if you want to boost the reach of your real estate branded content, consider using paid social media campaigns.

Paid social campaigns are very effective at reaching various buyer personas because you can target your sponsored content based on their social network user profiles and their activity on that particular network. For example, if you spend any time at all on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed sponsored posts that seem as though they were intended just for you. That’s because they were. Facebook knows, based on your profile and activity, what sponsored content will likely interest you. That knowledge, combined with various persona data provided by the sponsor, results in relevant content being displayed on your timeline.

If you want to really boost the reach of your branded content, you should seriously consider using paid social media campaigns. To learn more about paid social media advertising, we invite you to check out Bitly’s Paid Social Strategy series.

Now that you understand the importance of creating and growing your brand, and the relative ease of using social media as a means to that end; we encourage you to check out the additional resources listed below to help you further develop your social media branding strategy. If you have resources you would like to share then please comment below.

Using social media to create and grow your brand – Part 4 of 4
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