We’ve posted a lot recently about marketing real estate using various social media platforms. Continuing with that trend, this 2 part series goes into some depth about realtors marketing on LinkedIn – the social network for professionals. Here in part 1, we’ll cover how to create your company’s LinkedIn presence.

Realtors marketing on LinkedIn

Create a Company Page

Realtors marketing on LinkedIn should think about, if you haven’t already, creating a company presence. Most professionals are familiar with personal profiles on LinkedIn, but did you know you can also create a company page there? Many people are confused about the difference between personal profile and a company page. Here’s an explanation:

From a marketing perspective, a personal profile is where you describe your own professional expertise, background, etc. On the other hand, a company page is like a mini website right there on LinkedIn where you can establish, define, and promote your business brand. It’s a place to let people know what your company does and to help them find you based on the services you offer.

When you create your company page, enter as much information about your company as possible, just as you would for any social network business page. For example, your website address, links to other social media accounts, and information about your company’s specialties (ie. luxury homes, commercial properties, income properties, etc.)

Once you’ve entered all your company information, it’s time to spice up your page with a catchy header image. If you’re a creative type, this might be a piece-of-cake for you. If not, there’s no shame in hiring a designer who specializes in web images. But before you do anything, check out this post from HubSpot on how to spice up your LinkedIn banner.

Realtors Marketing on LinkedIn

This post wouldn’t be complete without a few examples of some nice looking LinkedIn real estate company pages, businesses both big and small.

Do you like those references? Really want to get started on your LinkedIn company page today? Then go for it! The LinkedIn page to start creating your company page is right here . But first finish reading about showcasing below.

Showcase Pages

In addition to your company page, you can also create targeted showcase pages to highlight certain elements of your business. You must have a company page to create showcase pages. Examples of showcase pages for real estate include an “about me” and static pages like “free consultation” offers. Other great applications for showcase pages are individual property pages and content pages. A good reference for a content page is Keller Williams. They do an excellent job showcasing their business here.

Of course, to be effective, realtors marketing on LinkedIn still require a network of contacts. In part 2 of Marketing Your Real Estate Business on LinkedIn, we’ll share some ideas on how to create and grow a solid network of connections for your real estate business. Do you have a company page you want to share? Feel free to include it in the comments section below.

Marketing Your Real Estate Business on LinkedIn – Part 1
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