Real Estate Social Media Ideas for Instagram


Real estate social media ideas
Real estate social media ideas from Instagram to get more followers.

After reading Parts 2 and 3 of this series, you should have a pretty fair sense of how to use Instagram for your real estate business. Here, in the fourth and final part of our series on Instagram for real estate professionals, we’re going to share some comments about 5 real estate Instagram feeds that we think will help inspire you as you develop your own Instagram strategy.

The Agency

The Agency in Los Angeles California is gold standard of real estate marketing on the west coast. In addition to the obvious things a realtor would use Instagram for, The Agency also introduces new team members, publicizes their community service efforts, and extends well wishes around the holidays.

Nicole Mickle

Orlando Florida realtor Nicole Mickle uses Instagram to share stories about clients she has helped close on their homes. This human to human marketing approach puts prospective clients immediately at ease with Nicole because they can see themselves in the stories she shares. Nicole’s feed also makes good use of general hashtags.

Bond Real Estate

New York based Bond Real Estate puts an interesting twist on still photography. Instead of the typical one-shot per post imagery, they use an Instagram app called Layout to display multiple pictures in a single post.

Iglesias Realty Group

Miami’s very own, Iglesias Realty Group, approaches Instagram marketing with a broader perspective. In addition to sharing professional photos of their listings, they share an equal measure of imagery of the area around those listings. They subscribe to the notion that people don’t just buy houses to live, they buy communities to be a part of. Did we mention they have over 100,000 followers?

Jellis Craig

Real estate isn’t just an American business; it’s an everywhere business, and we can learn from other real estate professionals no matter where they are. One great example to learn from is the Jellis Craig team from Melbourne, Australia. They use their Instagram feed to showcase everything from indoor photos and videos shot from aerial drones, to company events and private showings. They also incorporate their company logo into many of their photos and videos, which helps with branding.

Wrapping it up

As you look at the Instagram feeds we’ve shared here, think about how you might incorporate some of the things they do into your own strategy. One thing we noticed in our admittedly limited review of individual posts on the accounts we discussed is that none of them seem to use brand hashtags much, if at all. As you review real estate Instagram accounts in your area, you might look to see if that’s a trend in your market. If it is, you may be able to differentiate yourself simply by incorporating brand hashtags into your Instagram and other social media strategies. Do you have real estate social media ideas you want to share? We welcome you to do so in our comments section below.

For further inspiration on using Instagram for your real estate business, we invite you to follow some or all of these real estate Instagram accounts.

Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 4 of 4)
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