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Anyone involved in online marketing knows, or should know, that blogging is an essential part of that mix. For realtors, blogging is a great way to make your expertise known which makes it easier to market your services. After all, expertise is a sign of competence; and that’s what prospective clients want in a real estate professional. The challenge is coming up with fresh blog content to bring that expertise to the fore. In this two-part series, we’re going to share a half-dozen simple and effective real estate blog topics.

1. Provide answers to uncommon questions.

Answering common questions is one of the simplest and most common real estate blog topics you can cover, and many do it. But most never think to answer the uncommon questions. Remember, your purpose in blogging is to highlight your experience and expertise. What better way than to showcase the unusual questions you’ve had to answer over the years. Of course, you can and should still answer frequently asked questions, but even those can be framed in a way that makes them seem less common.

2. Share local information.

When people are in the market for a new home, they’re not just buying a house; they’re buying the surrounding area and what’s going on there. That can provide a wealth of subject matter for your blog. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Information about area schools and activities.
  • A roundup of reviews of area businesses.
  • Profiles of area office holders.

By providing lots of information about what’s going on in and around your market area, you’re demonstrating to prospective clients that you care about more than just selling them a house.

3. Publish an occasional listicle.

A popular way for people to share and consume content is the listicle. A listicle is an article or blog post structured in the form of a list, with some additional content relating to each item listed. You can use the listicle format for virtually any topic. For example, on you’ll find a seemingly endless number of quirky top 10 lists. WhatCulture features lists geared toward pop culture addicts. By tapping your own creativity, you could publish periodic lists on topics related to real estate, your local market, or even something fun that’s not related to real estate at all, just to change things up a bit. Stay tuned to our blog for Part 2 of this series for more real estate blog topics.

Want to share your effective real estate blog topics? Do so in the comments section below.


Real Estate Blogging Ideas – Part 1
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