In Part 1 of our two-part series on real estate blogging ideas, we shared three simple, yet effective ideas for coming up with real estate blog content. The ideas journey continues here in Part 2 where we’ll share some ideas on incorporating visuals into your blog.

Real estate blog content

4. Incorporate images into all your posts.


In the 3 ideas we shared in “Real Estate Blogging Ideas – Part 1″, we discussed content that is primarily textual. However, even textual content should include visuals. After all, real estate sales relies heavily on visuals. Often these visuals are of homes, inside and out. But they can also include infographics and other images.

5. Publish a slideshow.


Selling real estate relies heavily on visuals – no secret there. That being the case, it makes sense to incorporate lots of visuals into your real estate blog content. One way to do that is to create a slideshow of the most expensive homes sold in the last 30, 60, or 90+ days. It doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to homes you’ve sold. It doesn’t even have to be homes sold in your local market – that’s not necessarily the point. The point is to whet the prospective client’s appetite for a new or different home. Of course, if you can compile an impressive list of expensive homes you’ve sold, so much the better.

6. Star in your own “commercial”.


Have you ever seen that Safelite auto glass commercial where they promise to send an email with a photo of the technician they’re sending out to fix your windshield? The primary reason they do that is for customer piece of mind in a security-conscious world. But another element of that is the positive relationship it creates – sub-consciously, of course – between the customer and technician. Well, you can create that same kind of relationship by posting videos that feature you.

You’re probably thinking “I don’t have the time or expertise to produce a good quality video”; but you don’t have to. In fact, people are more drawn to the more natural, unscripted video that shows you as you are. So, whether you create videos of yourself sharing content you might otherwise share in text form, an “about me” video, or video of you walking a property, you should incorporate video into your blog. It will make that first meeting with a new client feel to them like a meeting with someone they already know and trust.

Bonus Idea – Curate Content


If you really want to save some time and effort, you can use curated content on your blog. Blog content curation is the process of gathering information from a variety of sources about a particular topic, then adding your personal commentary to relevant topics discussed on other blogs and websites.

Regardless of how you create real estate blog content, it’s important to publish new material regularly because the number of blog posts you publish every month and in total affects traffic and leads. And generating leads is what it’s all about.

In this two-part series we identified 6 content ideas you can incorporate into your real estate blog. What other ideas have you used successfully in your blog? Let us know in the comments section below.

Real Estate Blogging Ideas – Part 2
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