Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 3 of 4)

Instagram Ideas for Real Estate Pros (Part 3 of 4)


Instagram Ideas for Real Estate Pros
Instagram features like Stories and Hashtags can benefit real estate agents and brokers.

In Part 2 of Instagram for real estate professionals we gave you some ideas about how to use Instagram effectively. Here in Part 3, Instagram Ideas for Real Estate Pros, we’ll continue with that theme.

Instagram Stories


In August, Instagram introduced a feature called Stories. Stories is one of those good Instagram ideas for real estate pros. The feature enables you to create a photo sequence containing several pictures from throughout your day. Once you learn how to use Instagram Stories, you can use them in a couple of ways to promote your brand:

  • Virtual open houses – In case you’re not already doing so, you should develop the habit of taking photos at all your open houses. Then you can cobble a bunch of photos together from multiple open houses for the same property, and create a virtual open house for that property. By creating virtual open houses with Stories, you can feature them on Instagram and incorporate some fun by adding colorful text or thought bubbles. You can also publish your virtual open houses on other social channels by saving it to your phone’s camera roll and uploading it from there.
  • A day in the life – In Part 2, we talked about sharing behind the scenes peeks at your operation. Similarly, you can share a series of snippets from a busy day of helping your clients. When you do, remember to add some flair with thought bubbles and other features.



No discussion of Instagram is complete without talking about hashtags. Hashtags originated on Twitter, but they quickly became part of other social media outlets. They’re an important element of marketing on Instagram because it’s a visual medium with no keyword optimized content. There are two types of hashtags: general hashtags and brand hashtags.

General hashtags are those that you might use to serve as keyword phrases to attract people to your Instagram feed. For example, if you post an image or video that relates to staging a home for sale, you might use a hashtag like #HomeStaging or #StagingYourHome. These are general hashtags.

Brand hashtags are those that are unique to your business. At a minimum, you should have a brand hashtag that consists of your company name and/or your tagline. For example, #FredJonesRealty, and/or #TheBestRealtorInBurmingham. Another way to use brand hashtags is for specific marketing campaigns. For example, #FredJonesHomeshowSpecial. Of course, you’ll want to make sure no one else is using the brand hashtags you’ve picked out. If they are, you’ll have to create another because brand hashtags should be unique to you.

When To Post


In October ReadyPulse wrote a very good article with information on the best times to post using Instagram.  If you have the time we would take it one step further. How you ask? Well determining what times to post on Instagram depends on your target audience. Think about your target persona and what their typical day might look like. Are they the type of person who would check Instagram first thing in the morning, during their lunch hour, after dinner, etc? For realtors this can be tricky since home buyers come from all walks of life. So your best bet is to test different times of the day, and settle on a posting schedule that maximizes results.

Once you’ve developed a good posting schedule, it’s essential that you start using a posting service. This is easier than working your entire day around your social media posting schedule. Depending on your needs, a free service might be sufficient or you may want to invest in a paid service. Two good options are Hootsuite and Buffer. Both offer free and paid plans. Do you have some Instagram ideas for real estate pros? If so we would love for you to share them in the comments section below.

In closing, we invite you to continue following our blog for Part 4 of our series where we’ll share some great real estate focused Instagram feeds. We also encourage you to search for other sources of information on how to market on Instagram.

Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 2 of 4)

Instagram Ideas to Market Real Estate

Instagram ideas to market real estate

In Part 1 of Instagram for real estate professionals, we delved into some compelling statistical information. Why? To support the notion that real estate professionals should incorporate the Instagram ideas to market real estate mentioned in this series, into their overall social media strategy.

Instagram is more widely used than Twitter. That’s right. It’s number 3 on the list behind Facebook and YouTube. Impressive! Now let’s get started learning how to use Instagram. In these next two posts, we’ll give you some Instagram tips on how to market real estate properties effectively.

Instagram ideas to market real estate

Think Visual

The fact that the top three social media platforms are all highly visual in terms of overall content tells you all you need to know about how to market there. And the fact that number one Facebook didn’t start as a visual medium, but has become that, is a clear indication that marketers must think visual when marketing on social media. This is especially true for those who market visual products like real estate.

Share Listings

For realtors, the obvious application of visual social media is sharing property images, either photographic or video. But just posting a photo or video isn’t enough. You must make sure you post high quality images, and that requires some basic knowledge and effort. For help creating high quality photographic images, check out these 25 real estate photography tips. To learn how to create compelling video imagery, use these 10 tips for shooting virtual tours. Remember, Instagram videos shared on Instagram have a maximum length of 60 seconds, so you’ll need to make every second count. The good news is, you really can show all you need to show in 60 seconds or less – television advertisers do it all the time.

Share Peaks Behind the Scenes

Just like on your other social media pages, you don’t want your content to be all business. Clients and prospects need some reassurance that they’re dealing with real people. Of course, they know that on an intellectual level, but they also need to know it on an emotional level. People connect with people, not companies; and sharing candid, unrehearsed behind-the-scenes photos and videos helps them make that H2H (human to human) connection. The photo and video tips noted above are also applicable to these behind the scenes visuals.

Link To Facebook

That’s right. You should link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. The reason, from a visuals perspective, is photos shared from Instagram to Facebook look better than those shared from other image sharing sites, according to Inman. There are other good reasons to link your Instagram account to Facebook, but they go beyond the scope of this post.

We invite you to continue following our blog for Part 3 of our series where we’ll share some more ideas on how to use Instagram effectively. We also encourage you to search for other sources of information on how to market on Instagram. Lastly, what instagram ideas to market real estate are you using for your listings?

Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 1 of 4)

Using Instagram for Real Estate

Instagram for Real Estate

Most business owners have come to realize that leveraging the power of social media marketing can dramatically impact their success. This is particularly true for businesses that sell visual products – social media platforms are perfect for getting visuals out there. One such platform is Instagram. Using Instagram for real estate is an excellent tool. And, while you may not find your next big lead by posting a filtered shot or short video of your latest listing on Instagram, you can use it to market your brand, company culture, and reputation. These are essential elements of an overall marketing strategy.

But getting started using Instagram for real estate can be challenging if you have no experience or insight about whether to use it, or how. In this 4 part series, we’ll explore some statistical details as evidence of why you should consider adding Instagram to your social media mix; give you some ideas on how to use it effectively; and share some real estate Instagram feeds you should follow for additional ideas and inspiration.

Instagram by the Numbers

General info
No discussion of Instagram statistics can begin without appreciating the raw total numbers. In June of 2016, Instagram reported that their community of users had grown to 500 million, 60% of whom use Instagram every day. That 300 million daily users number will continue to grow at the same rate relative to the total number of users, according to the law of large numbers. But, of course, not all those daily users live in the U.S. – an important factor if you only do business here. In fact, only 20%, or 60 million, live here; but that’s still a huge number. Given the fact that Instagram usage continues to grow, deciding whether to use it is really a no-brainer. But, even if that number just hovered around 60 million, Instagram is a must-use medium for virtually any business, realtors included.

In the Weeds
If knowing the total number of U.S. Instagram users isn’t enough, consider this: according to a Pew Research Center survey, 28% of U.S. internet users between the ages of 30-49 (prime age range of real estate buyers and sellers) use Instagram. So, of the 60 million daily Instagram users in the U.S., 16.8 million fall into the prime age range of real estate buyers and sellers. And, when you factor in the 40 million U.S. Instagram users who don’t use the platform daily, that’s another 11.2 million prospective clients that you can reach on Instagram.

Although Facebook remains at the top of the social media heap, Instagram continues to grow in popularity. Those who fail to diversify their social media reach by incorporating this tool risk missing out on a lot of great opportunity. Stay tuned to our blog for Part 2 of our series on Instagram for Real Estate Professionals.


Using Social Media Live Streaming To Sell Real Estate

Social Media Live Streaming To Sell Real Estate

To stay on top of the proverbial heap in real estate, brokers and salespeople must stay current with the top marketing trends, learn how those trends can apply to their business. One important trend is the growing popularity of live video streaming online. Here are some thoughts on why you should use social media live streaming to sell real estate:

A growing trend

The financial times recently reported that live video on YouTube increased by 80%, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg reportedly said that in five years, Facebook will be mostly video. And he’s putting his ad money where his mouth is. If you haven’t already seen a television commercial for Facebook live, you’re probably not watching much TV at all. The point is, video is here to stay, and live video is the future of video marketing.

An inexpensive tool

While there are some great fee-based live video tools out there, like Twitch and UStream, the most well-known platforms, Facebook Live and YouTube Live as well as Periscope, are still free. These free options are good choices for the realtor who wants to get his live video feet wet before incurring any costs.

Ideal for open houses

The traditional open house concept has prospective buyers driving around town, looking at a property in person, then rushing off to find the next house on their list before that open house ends, etc. This is often a very stressful proposition for prospective buyers, and can lead to some rather salty dispositions, especially if yours is the last house on their Sunday afternoon tour. The challenge for you, the realtor, is you have no control over when people actually show up to see your listing during that three-hour window.

By hosting a live tour of a property, you enable prospects to see it from the comfort of their family room; and you have complete control over when you show the property. Plus, the time investment is significantly reduced because you’re only walking through the property once with potentially dozens of prospects simultaneously. Of course, you will still have to show the property in person at some point, but those showings will usually only be to those who’ve already seen the property on video and had many of their questions answered in real-time. These are highly qualified prospects.

It’s recyclable and shareable

Unlike the traditional open house, your virtual open houses can be used over and over. By linking to the archived version of your open house video, prospective buyers can be treated to a virtual open house every hour of every day the property is on the market. You can literally show houses while you’re having dinner, watching television, or even sleeping. Now THAT’S leverage.

Using Social Media Live Streaming To Sell Real Estate

Finally, no discussion of social media marketing is complete without mentioning the shareability factor. Shareability is to social media marketing what gasoline is to the internal combustion engine; and video content is some of the most shareable content out there. An infographic published by Hyperfine Media earlier this year says that 92% of mobile video watchers share videos with others.

In conclusion

Using social media live streaming to sell real estate is a whole new way to reach your target market and create brand exposure like you’ve never had before. Not only is it great for the here-and-now of real estate marketing; it also causes people, especially millennials, to remember you because of your cutting-edge approach to reaching out to them.

4 Reasons Using Social Media Helps Real Estate Brokers

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Brokers Should Use Social Media


Social media is a great way to connect with new real estate leads and build relationships with customers.
Social media is a great way to connect with new real estate leads and build relationships with customers.

In the past, real estate sales largely involved finding listings, finding prospective buyers, and showing homes. That was primarily accomplished through personal networking, with a big assist from MLS. However, in today’s world, any smart business person knows, or should know, they must leverage the power of social media if they want to stay competitive. Here are 4 reasons why real estate brokers should use social media in their business:

1. Social media is where your best clients are.

Arguably, those most likely to be in the market to buy or sell a home are those ranging in age from 25 to 49. According to the Pew Research Center, over 80% of internet users in that age group use social media. With that kind of reach, using social media is a no-brainer.

2. You can create and nurture a solid reputation.

A solid reputation has always been a critical element of the successful real estate business. In the past, agents and brokers accomplished this one person at a time. With social media, you can leverage technology to create a nurture multiple relationships simultaneously. For example, when you deliver quality, topical content to your Facebook and twitter followers, you position yourself as an industry expert. And, when you supplement that great content with one-on-one social media engagement, you strengthen your relationship – not only with the individual you’re engaging with, but others who follow a given thread.

3. You can establish and nurture a productive network.

If used correctly, a solid reputation will inevitably lead to a productive network where referrals become almost automatic. Simply including a call-to-action at the beginning or end of every post prompting readers to share your post on their Facebook or Twitter page can lead to more followers and unsolicited inquiries from prospective buyers and sellers. Social media is also a great way to network with industry peers.

4. You can deploy multiple media on one platform.

We’ve all heard the investment mantra to diversify in order to minimize losses. Well, the same principle applies to social media marketing. While regularly posting textual content is a good start, you can’t stop there. In today’s world, people are more moved by visuals like photos and, better yet, videos. When you post a video, a still image, or link to a topical article or blog post along with your own take on the topic being presented, you’re leveraging multiple media.

What ideas can you bring to the table that might further enhance your own use of social media? As you think of things, test them one at a time to see what works and what doesn’t. Implementing creative new ways to market your real estate business will help your business grow and thrive, even in down markets.

Why real estate brokers should use social media: Online importance

Using social media in real estate to market and sell homes


Social media is usually thought of as communication that allows users to interact and share with one another via the internet. This can be person to person, business to business or person to business. All sites offer different forms of ‘sharing’ and most have updating potential. For real estate brokers trying to get the word out about new opportunities or home saving plans, updates are crucial.


When visitors to your site ‘share’ on their homepages the information is seen by other visitors. This is the multiplier effect of social media and why even face-to-face sales driven companies need to have an online presence. The more interested parties that check out your site, the more likely others will visit.

Why real estate brokers should use social media
As a real estate broker or agent, social media plays a critical role
in helping you to generate leads and grow your business.
Still not convinced? A few numbers on why real estate brokers should use social media:

• There are 3.4 billion users (worldwide) and 2.3 billion have social media accounts.
70% of U.S population has at least 1 social network profile.
• In 2018 there will be over 2.6 billion social media users in the world.

Branding and Advertising with social media

Interestingly the largest group of users is the youngest generation. The ones most important for establishing brand loyalty. Top of mind association with your company or brand is best established through regular updates and new info on market rates or pricing. The best part, it is cheaper than traditional advertising like radio and television. With a little effort and attention, Social media marketing can easily become more important to potential customers.

Traditional advertising works well at integrating the new company website and social media platforms. Radio ads direct listeners to ‘learn more’ about housing and rates by going to the website. Print ads also steer viewers to check out options for new home sales at the company web address.

Have questions about where to begin? How to manage the site? What is the best platform? Contact Us and we will direct your digital path.