At PlanetBroker we believe everyone can make a difference no matter how large or small the contribution. Your contribution doesn’t have to be in the form of a donation to your favorite charity or cause. It can also be in the products you buy, or the companies you do business with.

Compassion and goodness is all around us. Below is a small list of organizations we love and respect. Please note: PlanetBroker is not affiliated with these companies. We admire them, and just want to share the great work they are doing.

Grameen Foundation
Newman’s Own
TOMS Shoes
Pencils of Promise
ASPCA® (I had to put this one in the list. It’s my daughter’s favorite.)
Take a minute and peruse the websites of the organizations mentioned above, then share these with your friends and family, as well as other organizations you are fond of and care for. A little goes a long way. Thanks for listening and giving!
Manny Rodriguez founder

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