Instagram Ideas to Market Real Estate

Instagram ideas to market real estate

In Part 1 of Instagram for real estate professionals, we delved into some compelling statistical information. Why? To support the notion that real estate professionals should incorporate the Instagram ideas to market real estate mentioned in this series, into their overall social media strategy.

Instagram is more widely used than Twitter. That’s right. It’s number 3 on the list behind Facebook and YouTube. Impressive! Now let’s get started learning how to use Instagram. In these next two posts, we’ll give you some Instagram tips on how to market real estate properties effectively.

Instagram ideas to market real estate

Think Visual

The fact that the top three social media platforms are all highly visual in terms of overall content tells you all you need to know about how to market there. And the fact that number one Facebook didn’t start as a visual medium, but has become that, is a clear indication that marketers must think visual when marketing on social media. This is especially true for those who market visual products like real estate.

Share Listings

For realtors, the obvious application of visual social media is sharing property images, either photographic or video. But just posting a photo or video isn’t enough. You must make sure you post high quality images, and that requires some basic knowledge and effort. For help creating high quality photographic images, check out these 25 real estate photography tips. To learn how to create compelling video imagery, use these 10 tips for shooting virtual tours. Remember, Instagram videos shared on Instagram have a maximum length of 60 seconds, so you’ll need to make every second count. The good news is, you really can show all you need to show in 60 seconds or less – television advertisers do it all the time.

Share Peaks Behind the Scenes

Just like on your other social media pages, you don’t want your content to be all business. Clients and prospects need some reassurance that they’re dealing with real people. Of course, they know that on an intellectual level, but they also need to know it on an emotional level. People connect with people, not companies; and sharing candid, unrehearsed behind-the-scenes photos and videos helps them make that H2H (human to human) connection. The photo and video tips noted above are also applicable to these behind the scenes visuals.

Link To Facebook

That’s right. You should link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. The reason, from a visuals perspective, is photos shared from Instagram to Facebook look better than those shared from other image sharing sites, according to Inman. There are other good reasons to link your Instagram account to Facebook, but they go beyond the scope of this post.

We invite you to continue following our blog for Part 3 of our series where we’ll share some more ideas on how to use Instagram effectively. We also encourage you to search for other sources of information on how to market on Instagram. Lastly, what instagram ideas to market real estate are you using for your listings?

Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 2 of 4)
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