Instagram Ideas for Real Estate Pros (Part 3 of 4)


Instagram Ideas for Real Estate Pros
Instagram features like Stories and Hashtags can benefit real estate agents and brokers.

In Part 2 of Instagram for real estate professionals we gave you some ideas about how to use Instagram effectively. Here in Part 3, Instagram Ideas for Real Estate Pros, we’ll continue with that theme.

Instagram Stories


In August, Instagram introduced a feature called Stories. Stories is one of those good Instagram ideas for real estate pros. The feature enables you to create a photo sequence containing several pictures from throughout your day. Once you learn how to use Instagram Stories, you can use them in a couple of ways to promote your brand:

  • Virtual open houses – In case you’re not already doing so, you should develop the habit of taking photos at all your open houses. Then you can cobble a bunch of photos together from multiple open houses for the same property, and create a virtual open house for that property. By creating virtual open houses with Stories, you can feature them on Instagram and incorporate some fun by adding colorful text or thought bubbles. You can also publish your virtual open houses on other social channels by saving it to your phone’s camera roll and uploading it from there.
  • A day in the life – In Part 2, we talked about sharing behind the scenes peeks at your operation. Similarly, you can share a series of snippets from a busy day of helping your clients. When you do, remember to add some flair with thought bubbles and other features.



No discussion of Instagram is complete without talking about hashtags. Hashtags originated on Twitter, but they quickly became part of other social media outlets. They’re an important element of marketing on Instagram because it’s a visual medium with no keyword optimized content. There are two types of hashtags: general hashtags and brand hashtags.

General hashtags are those that you might use to serve as keyword phrases to attract people to your Instagram feed. For example, if you post an image or video that relates to staging a home for sale, you might use a hashtag like #HomeStaging or #StagingYourHome. These are general hashtags.

Brand hashtags are those that are unique to your business. At a minimum, you should have a brand hashtag that consists of your company name and/or your tagline. For example, #FredJonesRealty, and/or #TheBestRealtorInBurmingham. Another way to use brand hashtags is for specific marketing campaigns. For example, #FredJonesHomeshowSpecial. Of course, you’ll want to make sure no one else is using the brand hashtags you’ve picked out. If they are, you’ll have to create another because brand hashtags should be unique to you.

When To Post


In October ReadyPulse wrote a very good article with information on the best times to post using Instagram.  If you have the time we would take it one step further. How you ask? Well determining what times to post on Instagram depends on your target audience. Think about your target persona and what their typical day might look like. Are they the type of person who would check Instagram first thing in the morning, during their lunch hour, after dinner, etc? For realtors this can be tricky since home buyers come from all walks of life. So your best bet is to test different times of the day, and settle on a posting schedule that maximizes results.

Once you’ve developed a good posting schedule, it’s essential that you start using a posting service. This is easier than working your entire day around your social media posting schedule. Depending on your needs, a free service might be sufficient or you may want to invest in a paid service. Two good options are Hootsuite and Buffer. Both offer free and paid plans. Do you have some Instagram ideas for real estate pros? If so we would love for you to share them in the comments section below.

In closing, we invite you to continue following our blog for Part 4 of our series where we’ll share some great real estate focused Instagram feeds. We also encourage you to search for other sources of information on how to market on Instagram.

Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 3 of 4)
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