Using Instagram for Real Estate

Instagram for Real Estate

Most business owners have come to realize that leveraging the power of social media marketing can dramatically impact their success. This is particularly true for businesses that sell visual products – social media platforms are perfect for getting visuals out there. One such platform is Instagram. Using Instagram for real estate is an excellent tool. And, while you may not find your next big lead by posting a filtered shot or short video of your latest listing on Instagram, you can use it to market your brand, company culture, and reputation. These are essential elements of an overall marketing strategy.

But getting started using Instagram for real estate can be challenging if you have no experience or insight about whether to use it, or how. In this 4 part series, we’ll explore some statistical details as evidence of why you should consider adding Instagram to your social media mix; give you some ideas on how to use it effectively; and share some real estate Instagram feeds you should follow for additional ideas and inspiration.

Instagram by the Numbers

General info
No discussion of Instagram statistics can begin without appreciating the raw total numbers. In June of 2016, Instagram reported that their community of users had grown to 500 million, 60% of whom use Instagram every day. That 300 million daily users number will continue to grow at the same rate relative to the total number of users, according to the law of large numbers. But, of course, not all those daily users live in the U.S. – an important factor if you only do business here. In fact, only 20%, or 60 million, live here; but that’s still a huge number. Given the fact that Instagram usage continues to grow, deciding whether to use it is really a no-brainer. But, even if that number just hovered around 60 million, Instagram is a must-use medium for virtually any business, realtors included.

In the Weeds
If knowing the total number of U.S. Instagram users isn’t enough, consider this: according to a Pew Research Center survey, 28% of U.S. internet users between the ages of 30-49 (prime age range of real estate buyers and sellers) use Instagram. So, of the 60 million daily Instagram users in the U.S., 16.8 million fall into the prime age range of real estate buyers and sellers. And, when you factor in the 40 million U.S. Instagram users who don’t use the platform daily, that’s another 11.2 million prospective clients that you can reach on Instagram.

Although Facebook remains at the top of the social media heap, Instagram continues to grow in popularity. Those who fail to diversify their social media reach by incorporating this tool risk missing out on a lot of great opportunity. Stay tuned to our blog for Part 2 of our series on Instagram for Real Estate Professionals.


Instagram for Real Estate Pros (Part 1 of 4)
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