You’ve heard from a variety of sources, including our blog, how important social media is as a real estate marketing tool. But sometimes it’s hard to come up with relevant, shareable content on a regular basis. One idea is to create social media posts that incorporate real estate one-liners in a fun, light-hearted way.


real estate one-liners

Here are 3 examples of some real estate one-liners, and how you might use them in your social media posts:

“Don’t buy the wrong house because it has the right finishes.”

The point of this one-liner is that buyers should look beyond wall colors, flooring, and other design features when deciding whether a home is right for them. A fun way to present this one-liner on social media would be as a meme that shows a really beat-up living room with this sentence as a textual overlay. 

“I reduce my commission every time we reduce your asking price!”

This is a good response to those clients who balk at the idea of lowering the asking price for their home. An effective way to use this on social media is to make it part of a larger post that might go something like this: 

“Many home sellers wonder what’s motivating their real estate agent when they recommend lowering the asking price for their home. Some might think the agent just wants to make a quick sale. Others might take it personally, wondering if the agent just doesn’t like them. When suspicions like this begin to creep into your mind at the suggestion to lower the price, remember; the agent reduces their commission every time your asking price is reduced…” 


“Ninety percent of the people in the world hate wallpaper — the other 10 percent hate your wallpaper.”

Social media posts are frequently just links to content that’s published elsewhere online. To use this one-liner, you could simply find a well-written blog post about staging homes for sale, then post that link on your social media page with this one-liner as part of your own take on the article you’re linking to. For example:

“Ninety percent of the people in the world hate wallpaper — the other 10 percent hate your wallpaper. Here’s an article that can help you stage your home so that virtually everyone who tours your property will come away with a positive impression.”

We’ve shared just three examples of real estate one-liners as social media posts, but the sky’s the limit. For more ideas, check out these one-liners. Then use your creativity to come up with ways to incorporate them into social media content. Not ready for one-liners as social media posts but interested in slogans for your business? Then read our post regarding real estate advertising slogans.


How To Use Real Estate One-Liners on Social Media
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