We’re a boutique web development group, based in South Florida, designing and developing a social real estate platform to make buying and selling real estate easier. Our mission is to build a quality, customer-centric platform for real estate professionals and their clients, while being socially aware and responsible.

We come to work each day because we’re passionate about helping real estate professionals and respective clients, build a community, for buying and selling their homes. We know you share that passion, but unfortunately don’t have the time to do so because of administrative duties and attending staff meetings. All this before you can even think about updating clients, showing properties, and being at closings in a highly competitive industry.


So where does this leave you with respect to social media? Building and maintaining your social network should be a priority. We know if you want to have success with real estate in the 21st century, you must maximize your use of social media. Most real estate professionals recognize the power of social media as a marketing tool, and work diligently to create, grow, and nurture a loyal following on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Real estate brokers and agents also understand the power and existence of social media data. However, they lack sufficient time and resources to harness the data and extract the insights needed, to make timely decisions and ultimately win with their clients.


PlanetBroker.com will do this for you. All you have to do is continue networking and cultivating relationships, while PlanetBroker leverages technology. Our web-based real estate platform integrates your contacts and social media data, transforms the information, and then presents it in a simple and friendly manner. Yes those administrative tasks such as meetings and other responsibilities will still exist, but making the next call to successfully assist your buyers and sellers will never be easier. Contact us for more information.

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