Real Estate Ad Examples using Zillow, Facebook, and Google Ads

real estate ad examples

Every business owner knows how important it is to advertise. The challenge is to come up with advertising ideas that will set you apart from the crowd in the competitive world of real estate. Here are 4 real estate advertising ideas that can do just that:

1. Zillow Premier Agent

You’re probably thinking that everyone knows about Zillow and wondering how that can set you apart. Well, setting yourself apart sometimes means doing some of the things that everyone else does, only smarter. A good way to do that is through Zillow’s premier agent option. Here’s why premier agent is smarter:

As a premier agent, you’re the exclusive agent promoted on pages with your listing. This increases your chances of getting the full commission as the listing and selling agent.
You can increase your reach by advertising on local listings provided by non-premier agents, so you can generate buyer leads even if you don’t have a listing of your own on Zillow.

2. Search Engine Ads

Search for anything on Google or any other search engine and you’ll find a number of real estate example ads at the top of the results page that are relevant to the keyword or phrase searched. If you search for something like “homes for sale in Milwaukee”, you’ll see a handful of ads from real estate websites and local real estate brokers. Well, you can get in on that action by advertising your own realtor website on search engines. So when people search for homes for sale in your city, your ad will be among those that show.

3. Hyper-Mailers

Lots of real estate professionals use mailers; but few use what we call hyper-mailers. Hyper-mailers are simply those that target uniquely qualified prospects. Most real estate mailers are blasted to a broad spectrum of local residents, including existing homeowners and apartment dwellers of all kinds. We’re suggesting that you create your own mailing list of higher-end rental units. Why? Because those who can afford the rent for a higher-end unit have already demonstrated the ability to make most house payments, and they’re more likely to feel as though they’d prefer to build some equity rather than just line the pockets of a landlord. The key is creating a mailing piece that speaks specifically to the long-term benefits of home ownership vs. renting.

4. Social Media Marketing

The ideas we’ve discussed so far have all been about paid ads. But no discussion of advertising would be complete without touching on the organic advertising that’s available through social media. In addition to the more spontaneous content and engagement on social media, you can easily adapt the content and tone of your paid advertising pieces to your social media marketing program. You could even share images of some advertising pieces and ask your followers for their opinions about them.

Yes, advertising is important; but there’s no law that says it has to be monotonous. By doing things just a bit different, you can create space between you and the competition.

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